Filings provides clients with a single repository to access financial and other company related documents from across the globe. Thomson Reuters has pioneered the provision of a global document collection, and continues to innovate. Thomson Reuters has unique content and history that provides unrivaled depth and access to a variety of document types including annuals, insider reports, bonds and pricing supplements. Our investment in automated document feeds delivers timely delivery and comprehensive collections for the USA, Canada, Japan, Norway, China, Taiwan and Korea. Our global network of local experts results in unique coverage and unrivaled timeliness, with same day availability of most documents.

Features and Benefits

Thomson Reuters offers approximately 29 million EDGAR and Image Public Filings covering companies in approximately 160 countries.

Thomson Reuters offers the only U.S. document collection dating back to 1968. For the rest of the world we offer history dating back to 1989.

Value Add: EDGAR documents carry navigational and style tags to simplify the search for and download of specific content.

Additional Content Info

Global Coverage

Our extensive repository is a varied collection of real-time and historical annual and interim reports, prospectuses, ESG, Debt and M&A-related documents, insider transaction reports and other publicly filed regulatory filings. 80,000 companies (14,000 SEC companies and 65,000 global companies).

Depth of History

We offer the complete collection of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents and the only U.S. document collection dating back to 1968. For the rest of the world we offer history dating back to 1989.

Quality and Timeliness

SEC EDGAR filings available on products seconds after release, all other documents are published the day they are released to public.

Find Documents Faster, Whatever your Role

  • Corporate Librarians gain access to the largest, most consistent and authoritative source for global public company corporate disclosure
  • Bankers find all the documents required for PIB’s, search for key clauses within precedent M&A transactions and analyze fixed income terms and conditions
  • Analysts stay informed and gain faster insight, with advanced indexing, real time alerting, and consistently placed navigational tags within EDGAR filings delivering fast access to targeted documents and sections
  • Follow the audit from financials and other data to the source using 'click thru'

Product Delivery

Thomson Reuters Eikon

Thomson Reuters Eikon delivers a powerful combination of information,
analytics and exclusive news on financial markets - delivered in an elegant
and intuitive desktop and mobile interface.


Thomson Reuters Elektron

Thomson Reuters Elektron is a suite of data and trading propositions,
including low latency feeds along with the analytics, enterprise platform and
transactional connectivity to support any workflow application. All of these
capabilities can be deployed at a customer location or delivered as a fully
managed service from any one of our co-location and proximity hosting sites
around the globe.

PDF, HTMLDesktopReal-Time, Hourly

Thomson One

Thomson ONE delivers a broad and deep range of financial content, all within
a workspace that's geared to your needs and workflow.

PDF, HTMLDesktopDaily

Thomson Reuters Westlaw

WWestlaw Next provides access to vast, but easily searchable databases of
case law, legislation, regulations, news, journals, commentary, public
records, and current awareness alerts that enables you to build the strongest
argument by leveraging proprietary research tools, exclusive analytical
content and the largest collection of litigation materials and forms.

HTMLWebsiteReal-Time, Hourly

Thomson Reuters On Demand

TR On Demand delivers custom research, reports, and analytics to meet all of
your financial data needs. We get you what you want, when you want it. Our
global team of analysts operates 24/5 and typically fulfills your requests
within a few hours. We specialize in ownership, deals & private equity,
filings, fundamentals, estimates, analyst research, transcripts and pricing,
with more to come in the future.

CSV, PDF, TextDigital FilesOn Demand