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Refinitiv Real-Time SDK - CSharp

API Description

Refinitiv Real-Time SDK - CSharp using .NET Core Edition

This is a proof of concept ETA CSharp to provide pure .NET Core solution. This preview branch includes transport and value add Reactor layers with both client and server side implementation. This complements the current offering with Java and C languages for RTSDK API. The transport layer API supports TCP/IP transport, buffer management (such as read, write), fragmentation, packing, compression, a codec to implement open message model (OMM). In addition, the value add layer handles administrative messages and implements a dispatching/callback mechanism to simplify the application. The public interfaces of ETA CSharp Edition should have a similar look and feel as Java or C Edition unless there is any language specific differences.

Copyright (C) 2022 Refinitiv. All rights reserved.

Preview edition is available on GitHUb: https://github.com/Refinitiv/Real-Time-SDK/tree/preview/CSharp


For details on future features please view roadmap.