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Websocket API

API Description

Websocket API for Pricing Streaming and Real-Time Services

This API consists of a Protocol Specification and a set of Example programs used to illustrate the usage of the protocol to make websocket connections to Refinitiv Real-Time Distribution Systems*, and, to Refinitiv Real-Time - Optimized (cloud solution) available via Refinitiv Data Platform (RDP).

These examples** are built using widely available Websocket frameworks and follow the Protocol Specification to demonstrate how to set up a websocket connection and use JSON message constructs to request and receive Refinitiv Real-Time content. 

* Applications written to WebSocket API protocol specification can connect to Refinitiv Real-Time Distributions System (RTDS) version 3.2.1 (and higher) where this transport is enabled.  

** These are meant to be examples for illustration purposes only and not production-ready code.  Features such as item recovery, connection recovery, etc., must be built into the application. 

Please refer to the Downloads section for the Examples with source code and Documentation. The protocol specification and examples are also available on GitHub. 
There are two sets of examples: 

  • Applications/Examples (illustrate connectivity directly to your infrastructure)  
  • Applications/Examples/RDP (illustrates connectivity to cloud solution via RDP).   

Key features illustrated by examples include:

  • Standards-based, WebSocket protocol usage and JSON payload formats
  • Data consumption and posting (contribution)
  • Support of Refinitiv open data models
  • Easy integration into multiple client technology standards e.g. Python, R, .Net etc