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CIS Commodities Insight (CCI) is an add-on online service that delivers a wide range of price assessments, expert analysis and localized news for the turbulent Russian and Central Asia energy markets. It covers the entire Russian and CIS supply chain for crude oil, oil products, LPG and coal.

CCI brings together everything traders and analysts need for determining supply, demand and pricing both in real-time and for future forecasts. Together, this powerful content helps you make better trades and more accurate predictions, whether you’re operating inside Russia and the CIS countries, or covering those energy markets from abroad.

Features and Benefits

Access the full data of bids/offers and supply balance and get an accurate assessment of the market value of your cargo

View real-time news and analysis of the Russian oil domestic and export market to make better informed trading decisions

Access exclusive price assessments of the Russian crude (incl. seaborne and pipeline delivered) and oil products

See on-screen crude oil export allocations, including loading slots and trading chain, export flows assessments on all major destinations

View Russian refinery outages advance schedule with full details and commentaries so you can forecast drastic changes in supply balance

Gain in-depth analysis including monthly wrap ups of the main developments of the sector and case studies (RPI and CI)

Access a range of CIS price assessments dating back to 2001

View port handling data and weather shutdowns

Understand government regulations, including excise, duties and taxes

See a detailed breakdown and technical requirements, including export quality for crude oil and products and domestic market regulation

Industry modernization and upgrade, including transportation infrastructure, refineries, supply capacities

See netback calculations for crude oil and oil products for exports from Russia and Kazakhstan

Additional Content Info

About CIS Commodities Insight

In addition, the office of energy prices and news in Russian CIS Commodity Insight includes:
International energy prices and news in Russian CIS Commodity Insight offers market news for Russian oil and oil products, every day in real time, across all regions and the main types of dark and light oil. Providing news coverage for the entire supply chain, from the refinery to the filling or export port. News of the Russian oil market is divided into domestic and export destinations of supplies, taking into account their mutual influence and specificity of trade. It includes a review of the primary oil sales to tenders, export differentials and graphics export market analysis, statistics on oil refining and production of petroleum, petroleum supplies and more.

  • Oil prices (domestic and export), oil products (large, small wholesale and retail), liquefied natural gas in the Russian market. Over 3000 price indicators with daily updates and the ability to analyze the dynamics of prices in the past.
  • News and quotes thermal coal market aimed at export destination because of its mutual influence of the market of fuel oil supply and distribution.
  • Energy news CIS countries.
  • Publication export oil quotes and the costs of exporters in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Calculations by the Count (netback), with a detailed breakdown into components: transport costs (tariffs) for pumping oil through pipelines CIS, freight, insurance, banking and other costs.

Thomson Reuters and Kortes: local expertise for a global market

Thomson Reuters Kortes gives you access to more than 3000 price assessments. In addition, the Kortes team of analysts brings critical local knowledge of the Russian and CIS area energy markets – the ins, the outs, the details and cultural nuances. All of these factors drive energy supply and prices, but are nearly impossible to discern from the outside. In addition, all the content is delivered in English for quick and easy action.

How we stack up against our competitors

CCI gives you an extensive picture of energy sector in Russia and CIS. You get a seamless content flow – breaking developments delivered as they happen online; instant price assessments; systematic coverage of recurring events, and daily/weekly/monthly market reports and newsletters.

All content is available in Russian and English. Virtually no other competitor offers such deep and broad coverage of the market – news, fundamentals, pricing data and analysis.

Our global view is another advantage point. Russia and CIS country’s energy trade is linked to many regional markets, some of them remote and isolated. Being a global company we are present in many areas where competitors aren’t, boosting our coverage capacity. In general, we do better than most of our competitors in these areas:

  • The quality of content and the speed of its delivery
  • Faster price assessments and immediate news online. Our competitors provide weekly and daily coverage with delay
  • Coverage of crude oil export, local oil products market – we produce more price assessments
  • Domestic crude oil spot market – we typically get tender results and distribute them faster than competitors
  • Transparent methodologies
  • Local expertise with trading/analytical background
  • Thomson Reuters KORTES – the largest local provider of both pricing data and fundamentals, together with existing CCI offering our proposition now is much stronger and much more valuable

Specialized news and newsletters

CCI contents breaks down in to specialized newswire and market newsletters (Russian Petroleum Investor and Caspian Investor) providing deep market analysis and case studies.

Expert Analysis

In the turbulent Russian/ Caspian energy markets, global headlines alone can’t provide you with the insight and analysis you need. Only Russian Petroleum Investor (RPI) and Caspian Investor (CI) go beyond the headlines to help you understand how regional developments will impact your business in this dynamic market.

In every monthly issue of RPI and CI, you will find exclusive information, commentary, and practical experience that our subscribers rely on to help them stay ahead of and successfully navigate the constantly evolving business environment of the CIS energy market. Plus full access to Reuters News, which provides extensive coverage of
the market, including:

  • Domestic market coverage (latest trends, spot trading)
  • Crude oil Export tenders
  • Off takers tables – first hand buyers of crude oil (export), only seaborne, possibly second hand buyers
  • Transshipment data – crude oil, oil products, coal
  • Kazakhstan/Caspian market
  • Loading schedules
  • Refinery outages

Thomson Reuters Eikon

There are a variety of ways to access CCI content on Thomson Reuters:

Type CISCOMMODITIES in the search in Thomson Reuters Eikon

To access the CCI Apps, type CCIO into Thomson Reuters Eikon

Additionally, Kortes reports that cover pricing data for petrochemicals, oil and refined products, as well as production statistics and balances for Russian refineries are available in the Commodities Document library. To view the reports type LIBRARY and search by the publisher Thomson Reuters KORTES

To access RPI/CI publications search for *investor* in LIBRARY

Available data


Russian Crude Domestic Prices
Main Page: <CRUDES/RU>

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Russian Oil News
News: [RON]
All Kortes data
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Russian Oil Products
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Russian Export Duty
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Russian Export Duty Info Page
Russian CIS Metals & Mining
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Bunker fuel prices
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Russian Oil Products - Domestic Retail Prices

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Russian Oil Products - Domestic wholesale prices (spot)
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LPG domestic and export prices
Main chain: 0#LPG-RU
Jet fuel prices
Main chain: 0#JET-RU
Russian Oil Products - Domestic small wholesale prices
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Russian FOB (export) oil product prices
KORTES Netback oil product prices
Russian CIS Metals & Mining News
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Russian Steam Coal Assessment Prices
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Bunker Fuel Prices
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Kazakhstan Netbacks
Main Page: <NETBACK/KZ>
Main Chain: <0#NB-KZ>

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