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Refinitiv Real-Time & Distribution


This page will provide you with access to example use cases to power financial workflows using Refinitiv APIs. On the right are a series of articles describing use cases in detail complete with code examples, snippets and samples, as well as full jupyter notebooks and source code available on Github. At the bottom of the page you will find links to related APIs, with Overview, Quick Start Guide, full Documentation and Tutorials

From how to build ultra low latency, high throughput and resilient real time infrastructure to using our APIs to consume real time snaps or streams in a web page and everything inbetween, our real-time capabilities can be accessed via web apis, easy to integrate websocket APIs or compiled high performance APIs. These offer different quality of service to suit your needs, from trade safe real time through to conflated feeds


Our APIs provide real-time pricing data for over 80 million instruments trading on over 500 exchanges, OTC venues and contributors worldwide will enable price discovery. Full orderbooks (aka Limit Order Book) for exchanges with microsecond (nanosecond where available) timestamped history to 1996 of every tick on the realtime network will provide transparency on liquidity


If you need ultra high throughput and low latency data across your enterprise then Refinitiv Enterprise Platform is for you, with infrastructure and software components and accompanying SDKs scale and high resiliency is achieved

This provides the infrastructure to tightly manage, control, and distribute the right data to the right applications, and ultimately to the right users to any type of front, middle and back office application.

Key Benefits

  • Transfer data across offices and functions securely and confidently with a highly efficient data management service.
  • Gain added value by creating, distributing, and integrating proprietary content with real-time calculations, analytics, and static data.
  • Eliminate excess spend and reduce administrative costs by managing the flow of data to applications and automating entitlements.
  • Benefit from full transparency around data publishing. Our entitlement system helps to establish audit and compliance trails.