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Render and display complex data in interactive rows and columns

Part of the Workspace SDK, the LSEG EFX Grid is a high-performance, robust code base to display large data with a variety of features that align with LSEG Refinitiv Workspace standards for user experience, performance and visual design. It can handle large data sets and provides essential features such as grouping, sorting and custom rendering.


  • All developers building LSEG digital products / web front ends
  • UX designers
  • Third party developers building Workspace applications
  • Partner developers building applications with Refinitiv services and look-and-feel

Associated Building Blocks

  • Element Framework
  • API Gateway
  • Applications Platform
  • Developer Services & SDKs
  • UX Design System

How can you leverage this API?

The LSEG EFX Grid can be installed via public npm and embedded via the LSEG Element Framework (EF) libraries.

  • The element is cross-platform and framework agnostic.  For example it can be used with vanilla JS, React, Angular and Vue.
  • Grid is readily available to Refinitiv partners and offers clear documentation with easy-to-use tooling and processes.
  • The component and its' extensions are published under a single package.
  • Core Grid is written in JavaScript with ES5 code compatibility.
  • Automated QA covers much of the code.

How to get started

Simply follow the Quick Start instructions in our online documentation.

Core Grid

The LSEG Refinitiv Grid has been benchmarked against other commercial grid offerings, and out-performs them for features and use cases that are important to Workspace users. The performance metrics we compared include CPU and Memory consumption, Conflation rates (ticks), Different Viewports, Massive table size, Custom rendering for scrolling, and multi-table. Feature sets were also compared.

You can use Grid to build your UI with the Angular or React frameworks.