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COM APIs for use in Microsoft Office


Refinitiv Eikon provides access to real-time market data, news, fundamental and reference data, research and analytics etc. Most of the data available from Eikon can be retrieved programmatically using APIs included with Eikon product. These APIs are designed for ease of use and for rapid application development.

Application developers using Eikon APIs do not need to worry about data entitlements as these are enforced by Eikon and shared with the APIs.

The Refinitiv Eikon end user license agreement prohibits any type of data redistribution. If you require redistribution of data, then you should consider one of the Refinitiv Platform products.

The COM APIs can be used with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), VB, C++ and various other programming languages that can interact with COM.  In addition, "Refinitiv Eikon - Microsoft Office" provides a suite of powerful functions within the Eikon Add-in to support the access of Eikon content required to build complex and powerful custom spreadsheets. 

To support Eikon’s rich content, the following core COM APIs are provided: