World-Check One API

World-Check One API Case Review and Resolution of Matches

World-Check One API Case Review and Resolution of Matches Quick Steps

In order to resolve/remediate the matches, please follow the below steps:

  1. SEQ-pre-group-resolution-toolkit: Get the resolution toolkit for a group: This API call provides the details of the resolution rules i.e. IDs associated with status, risk and reason IDs depending upon whether the match is positive match, possible match, false match or unspecified.
  2. SEQ-case-investigate-results: Get screening results: This API call is used to fetch the results for a specific case. To determine if the match has been resolved or not, you can check the resolution status. If the Resolution status is ‘null’ it means that the match is not resolved. However, if the Resolution is ‘not null’, it means that the match has been resolved. Resolution of a match can be due to the following two reasons:
    1. Either manually resolved by a user via the API or the Front End user interface
    2. Auto resolved by World-Check (when secondary identifiers are used)
    3. To resolve a specific match, please use the resultID for the specific match from the results. 
  3. SEQ-case-investigate-resolve-results: Resolve results: In order to execute this API call you need to come to an informed decision about your match and you need to pass the result ID of the match along with the corresponding status, risk and reason Ids which you can fetch from the API call –SEQ-pre-group-resolution-toolkit: Get the resolution toolkit for a group.

    For example -

    If the status is ‘Positive’ it will have an ID associated with it for risk and reason. You need to use a specific combination of status / risk / reason IDs in order to resolve a case using the API, else you would receive ‘Error: 400 Bad request’. See below for the request payload format.

      "resultIds":[ "{{result-id1}}", “{{result-id2}}” ],
      "statusId": "{{status-ID}}",
      "riskId": "{{risk-ID}}",
      "reasonId": "{{reason-ID}}",
      "resolutionRemark":"Enter remarks here!"
  4. Optional -SEQ-case-investigate-review-results: Review results: (204 response code) - You can use this API call to review your result(s) or update a remark for a resolved case.