Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform

Robust Foundation API (RFA)

The Robust Foundation API (RFA) is a developer toolkit that gives customer applications access to a wide range of real-time financial data delivered by Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform (TREP) and E

Available for: C++ , Java , .NET
Ultra Performance API (UPA)

The Ultra Performance (UPA) API is a low-level API that provides the most flexible development environment to the application developer. It is the foundation on which all Thomson Reuters Open Message

Available for: C , Java
Open Data Access Control System API

The Open DACS API, an extension to DACS (Data Access Control System), is a flexible programmatic interface enabling enterprise-wide data access management across all custom or third-party applications

Available for: C++ , Java , .NET

DACS Station API

The DACS Station API works with the DACS Web Service, which exposes programmatic interfaces for creating, querying and updating entitlements information contained within the DACS database.

Client Application Toolkit (CAT) Streaming API

This is the lowest level API written purely in JavaScript, providing all transport capabilities to connect and consume streaming data from Advanced Distribution Server (ADS).

Client Application Toolkit (CAT) MVC

CAT MVC is a wrapper on top of the CAT Streaming API and IDS web-services. It encapsulates data handling tasks and provides a simpler interface to access both streaming and snapshot data.