SSL Developer Kit (SDK) - C Edition

API Description


The Reuters SSL 4.5 is the standard 'C'  based Application Programming Interface (API) for financial market data available on the Reuters DataFeed. SSL 4.5 provides a high level, easy-to-use development environment for applications needing to access data. SSL Developers Kit v4.5 was specifically developed for use with the Reuters DataFeed product. It contains the libraries and files required to develop SSL 4.5 applications that source data from the Reuters DataFeed. It is NOT compatible with Triarch Source and Sink Distributors.

Key Features

  • Support for Data Recovery without Re-Synchronization¬†
  • Bulk Requests (Criteria based requests to RDF)¬†
  • Enhanced Multiple Item Tags


  • Source Data from Reuters Datafeed Product
  • Integrate disparate data sources
  • Industry standard C API
  • Remote data delivery
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Control data costs
  • Leverage existing infrastructure
  • Language and environment independence
  • Protect your technology investment

Product Content

The Reuters SSL 4.5 API package contains the following components:

  • SSL 4.5 API & Example programs
  • Documentation (SSL 4.5 Reference Manual Release 4.5 & Reuters DataFeed Developer's Guide Release 4.5)