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PLEASE NOTE: As we love to show you the new technology we're working on, you might notice some demos are missing or you need to request access. If this is the case, please contact your Refinitiv Account Manager to request access. If you're not sure who your Account Manager is, please email us here.


12:30-13:00 - Registration and networking

13:00-13:05 - Welcome address by Refinitiv CEO, David Craig

13:05-13:25 - Keynote address, Dr. Sally Eaves, Professor, Author, Futurist and Global Strategy Advisor on Emergent Technologies

13:25-13:45 - Refinitiv Data Platform strategy update, Jorge Santos, Head of Product, Desktop Platform, Refinitiv

14:00-17:00 - Stream sessions (more details below)


Option 1: Data Science and Innovation – Dock Gallery

14:00-14:20 - How to build a machine learning quant model in the cloud in 20 minutes, David Oliver, Senior Data Scientist, Refinitiv Labs -->More on the Data Science Accelerator

14:20-14:35 - Painless MLOps - Take your models to production with Microsoft, Fatos Ismali, Data Solutions Architect, Microsoft Azure

14:35-14:55 - Coffee Break

14:55-15:15 - A practical guide to using alternative data, Graham Tolson, Head of Data Sourcing Strategy, BattleFin

15:15-15:30 - Bitemporal data cleansing: Supercharging your machine learning model, Mike McGarry, Sales Engineer, Finbourne Technology

15:30-15:50 - Short term price predictions using Refinitiv Tick History in GCP BigQuery, Tom Salmon, Lead Customer Engineer, Capital Markets, Google Cloud Platform & Catalina Vazquez,  Proposition Director, Refinitiv

15:50-16:05 - Applying machine learning to live streaming data, Ievgen Goichuk, Senior Software Engineer, Refinitiv Labs

16:05-16:25 - Coffee Break

16:25-16:40 - Natural language processing: Why you should start using text in your financial analysis, Jingwei Zhang, Data Scientist, Refinitiv Labs -->More on the Data Science Accelerator

16:40-16:55 - BERT & friends: Deep learning for natural language processing, Tim Nugent, Senior Research Scientist, Refinitiv Labs


Option 2: Data and Workflow for Humans – East Dock 5

14:00-14:35 - Hear from acclaimed author, speaker and Python guru: Dr. Yves Hilpisch, CEO The Python Quants | The AI Machine

14:35-14:55 - Coffee Break

14:55-15:15 - Code demo: New streaming WebSocket API in Eikon, Olivier Davant, Product Manager - Desktop and Platform API's, Refinitiv -->Code

15:15-15:30 - Discover Refinitiv Workspace, our new flagship product, Katia Banina, Director of Product Management - Workflow Enablement, Refinitiv

15:30-15:50 - Code demo: Deliver quant use cases simply using Eikon Data API with Python, Jason Ramchandani, Developer Community Manager/Advocate, Refinitiv

15:50-16:05 - Code demo: Move your calculations server-side with the Codebook JupyterHub app, Mint Minchaya D., Director of Product Management - Core Framework, Refinitiv

16:05-16:25 - Coffee Break

16:25-16:55 - Python, spreadsheets, and financial data, Felix Zumstein, Partner and CEO, xlwings -->Code


Option 3: Data at Scale – East Dock 3

14:00-14:35 - Discover the new Refinitiv Data Platform Libraries (Python, .NET, Typescript) & Code demo: Build interactive analytical apps using DASH framework, Umer Nalla, API Consultant, Refinitiv

14:35-14:55 - Coffee Break

14:55-15:15 - Fraud detection using machine learning, Rohit Singh, Senior Enterprise Solutions Architect, AWS

15:15-15:30 - Generate curves and surfaces using new instrument pricing & analytics API, Samuel Schwalm, Director of Analytic Platform Pricing Proposition, Refinitiv

15:30-16:05 - Coding for high performance on TREP, Richard Warner, Director, Software Engineer & Umer Nalla, API Consultant, Refinitiv

16:05-16:25 - Coffee Break

16:25-16:55 - Use case: APIs for risk management and compliance, Matt Elsom, Vice President, Risk Solutions, Artesian & Aravind Narayan, Risk Sales Consultant, Refinitiv


Dock Gallery

17:00-17:30 - Panel: Within the tightly controlled, regulated and competitive financial services industry, how are developers and their organisations supposed to get the most from ‘innovations’ that can be mutually conflicting?

Geoff Horrell, Director, Refinitiv Labs, Refinitiv; Gillian Lamela, BI Technology Cloud & Engineering Transformation, Barclays; Dr. Holly Cummins, Worldwide Development Leader, IBM; Jon Fox, CEO, Topaz Technology

17:30-17:40 - Closing comments

17:40-18:00 - Event surveys and t-shirts

18:00-19:00 - Networking drinks reception


Did you visit our demo stataions? We'd love to hear what you thought - contact us at the email address below.

  • Refinitiv Developer Community Portal Demo: Explore our next generation Developer Portal - contact us
  • Refinitiv Workspace Demo: Discover Refinitiv Workspace, powered by the Refinitiv Data Platform - contact us
  • Refinitiv Labs Demo: Shaping the future of data - contact us
  • Refinitiv Data Platform Demo: Data is just the beginning... Faster, Smarter Decisions - contact us


Did you visit our content clinic? For more information or to continue the conversation, contact us at the email address below.

We had lots of conversations at the content clinic and answered your questions about data sets, access, delivery:

  • Quant usage (MRN, Perm IDm Intelligent Tagging)
  • Pricing data (real-time, evaluated pricing, historical, etc.)
  • Reference and regulation data
  • and much more!

If you weren't able to stop by the content clinic and have a questions, please do contact us.


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