Elektron Test Data

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The Elektron test data provided on this page may be used in conjunction with a data replay tool to quickly run up and try the APIs within the Elektron SDK.

The data replay tool, called sink_driven_src, is part of a package of tools called "infra tools" which may be downloaded from the developer portal here. The packaged recorded data files below include a readme with step-by-step instructions detailing how the test data may be played back with sink_driven_src such that it behaves like a data feed. You may then configure and connect the example consumer applications within the Elektron SDK to sink_driven_src and consume the pre-recorded data. Whilst a data replay tool cannot fully simulate the functionality of a real data feed product, the capability provided here will enable you get started on your journey to learn the Elektron APIs.

To learn more about our Elektron consolidated data feed, please take a look at the information here and follow the links for further details.

To learn more about the tools used to record and play back the data, please see the article Quick Start Guide to Recording and Playback of Elektron Data.

Canned data files

Data file of instruments covering AMER

Data file of instruments covering ASIA

Data file of instruments covering EMEA

For any questions on this capability or the APIs themselves, please visit our Q&A Forums on the developer portal and we'll be happy to assist you.