Open PermID


PermID is a shortening of “Permanent Identifier.”  Open PermIDs are assigned to entities, securities, quotes, individuals and more. Open PermID is specifically designed for use by machines to reference related information programmatically.


Unique identifiers are key to the effective managing, storing and aggregating of information. At Thomson Reuters, our Permanent Identifier or “PermID” plays a central role by uniquely identifying objects in the Thomson Reuters Information Model, which includes organizations, instruments, quotes, funds, issuers, and people. 

Our PermIDs can help your integration and data management needs and there is more. You can also:

Search for entities in our universe: 

  • The entity search API enables you to retrieve entities in two ways:
  • By searching for an entity by name, ticker, or RIC (Reuters Instrument Code) to return PermIDs
  • By including the PermID itself in the request, if you have the PermID already.

Match a record using our unique record matching tool

  • If you have your own universe of organizations and instruments, simply upload up to 1,000 of your own records 
  • The engine will  return PermIDs for single record in your universe 
  • And there is more. The provided template will also return name, ticker, RIC plus any other fields you have, and then upload the template to get your matches.

Access Intelligent tagging 

  • Leverage the Open Calais API (the free, limited version of Intelligent Tagging) to extract entities, topics, and events from your unstructured text.
  • Process up to 1,000 documents per day, enabling you to extract entities from unstructured text. 
  • Get access not only to an individual PermID, but also to the metadata available for that entity

Visit today and find out how you can integrate PermIDs into your workflows. To access these APIs, please register for a token on The request is an HTTP GET and the content class of the response can either be HTML or JSON.