Messenger API


Eikon Messenger APIs allow you to connect your applications or server to Eikon Messenger, to improve or automate your workflows.


Eikon Messenger lets you connect and collaborate with the world’s largest verified directory of financial professionals. The Eikon Messenger APIs are made publicly available to give you the opportunity to improve or automate workflows for your end users.

Some example use cases where the APIs could improve workflows:

  • Research Analysts sending information from a research portal into Eikon Messenger managed chat rooms with their clients.
  • Sell-side Sales Traders disseminating pricing and/or trade information from an internal application to their buy-side customers.
  • Commodity desks sending information on weather updates and current events that could impact prices to their clients.
  • A buy-side trading desk receiving automated updates on orders filled by their firm’s proprietary OMS.
  • Sales traders receiving updates on new client activity via a Bot linked to their internal CRM tool.

There are currently 2 APIs in the Messenger API family:

  • The Messenger Side by Side API, an API for external applications running alongside Eikon Messenger. It allows passing information into 1-1, Managed Chat Rooms and Bilateral Chats.
  • The Messenger Bot API, which programmatically sends information into Messenger and also provides a WebSocket to listen for events and to support creating interactive bots.