Knowledge Graph (POC)


Refinitiv Knowledge Graph is currently only available in our Data Exploration Tool.

A graphical network based on the Refinitiv Knowledge Graph data set brings to life a comprehensive view of the financial ecosystem, so that you can uncover new, unexpected, or difficult to find insights from connected data.


Using verified Big Data management principles and machine learning techniques, Refinitiv Knowledge Graph provides a trusted data source and model for you to leverage, build your enterprise solutions on top of and benefit in new, connected ways from the breadth of the Refinitiv open platform.

You can solve many business challenges with the Refinitiv Knowledge graph solution, for instance:

  • Improve productivity of your Investment research function by enabling discovery of previously undetected relationships between entities, persons and events which have the potential to affect alpha.
  • Improve Business development and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems through rich integration of internal, Thomson Reuters and third party data enabling a graph network of sales leads and connections to be mapped out.

By embedding Knowledge Graph data into your own company systems, you can deliver more powerful search and discovery applications to your end users. The 2 billion relationships and data structures that power Knowledge Graph enable you to understand the complete picture of the ecosystem around your investments, targets and prospects. Using the Knowledge Graph data allows you to focus on your business’ opportunities and reduce your time spent on data management.

Used in conjunction with the Refinitiv Intelligent Tagging, Knowledge Graph serves as a foundation for the wider range of Refinitiv Big Data solutions and is one of the core components of the enterprise content platform.