Developer Day - New York


This is a half day organized by developers for developers who want to find out how to leverage Thomson Reuters APIs to address their current and future challenges. 


Strategy Update: The New Elektron Data Platform – Iain Scott

Discover how to access all our content and services in a simplified and standardized way with our new cloud based distribution platform and web API

Demonstration: The New Streaming WebSocket API for Elektron – Zoya Farberov

New Elektron Data Platform (EDP) - Integrate the full universe of real-time content into a multitude of client technology environments with ease, using our new Elektron WebSocket API (accessible from AWS)

Demonstration: EMA Ease of Use API - Zoya Farberov


Demonstration: New Eikon Data APIs - Quantitative Analysis with Python - Alex Putkov

Harness the full power of Eikon using our new language & OS agnostic Eikon Data APIs. Explore quantitative analysis use cases with Python

NEW YORK GUEST FEATURE: Performance tuning tools and techniques that matter - J.D. Patel, Intel Corporation

Followed by a Networking Reception 


Start Date & Time: 17 Jul 2018 13:00 CDT
End Date & Time: 17 Jul 2018 17:00 CDT

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New York Developer Day 17th July:   Thomson Reuters, 3 Times Square, New York 10036 (map) 

Times:    2pm-6pm

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