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Introduction to Eikon App Studio

Presenter: Toby Amos from Refinitiv                   

Length: 39 Mins

Do you find it challenging to produce Web Apps that require both internal data and market data? Do your users currently use complicated and difficult to support spreadsheets to do this? Do you have existing web services or applications that would benefit from adding market data? This Developer Webinar will show you how you can easily build a Web App solving common business problems by combining your internal data with market data from Thomson Reuters Eikon. Our App Studio SDK provides the tools you need to rapidly develop and deploy cutting-edge Web Apps An accompanying article for this webinar is available on the Developer Portal, with details of the github repository for the code to the app:  https://developers.refinitiv.com/article/how-build-quote-assist-app-scratch-using-app-studio-html-5-...