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Enhance Your Search Platforms with Intelligent Tagging

Presenter: Mitch from Refinitiv    

Length: 34 mins

In the age of Big Data, unlocking value from unstructured data and mapping the text to real world entities and events is crucial to stay competitive. Thomson Reuters Intelligent Tagging (TRIT) uses natural language processing, text analytics data-mining technology, and mapping to highly curated Thomson Reuters data authorities - to help do just that. One area of application that is particularly benefiting from this technology is Search. Developers can enhance their search platforms by capturing rich, semantic metadata to help their companies and clients uncover new opportunities, manage risk and generate alpha. Watch our technical webinar to learn how you can use it to enhance your search output. For more information on Thomson Reuters Intelligent Tagging: https://www.youtube.com/redirect?v=wcuX74DwJF8&redir_token=4NdDu-1-OkfCFCLklcWj9dBZfHh8MTUzOTE3OTYzN...