Inter University Hackathon


In these challenging times, we rolled out CodeBook to allow students to access easy-to-use coding interfaces to learn to code and apply what they’ve learned - be it in Management, Finance, Economics, Computer Science or Data Science. In line with this capability, we started several University Hackathons where students were given access to Refinitiv data and CodeBook to compete in constructing a Python app or an article that would end up on the Refinitiv Developer Portal’s Article Catalogue – were it to win. This is part of a push in which we are starting to empower students to learn finance and coding – alongside our Article Competition.


In line with this initiative, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our University Hackathon organiser - Jonathan Legrand - to outline your interest.


We are aiming to start Hackathons in April/May and we are ready to take on all infrastructure and communication needs (using our own servers – for CodeBook – and Microsoft Teams respectively).