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Velocimetrics enables firms to increase profitability, manage emerging operational risks and address expanding regulatory demands by tracking and analysing exactly what’s happening to every trade or payment in real-time. 

Instead of monitoring infrastructure health or IT processes, Velocimetrics focuses on what matters most to your firm’s clients – the actual payments and trades being processed. The result: real-time, business flow performance tracking and analysis solutions that deliver as much value to business and client-facing groups, as they do to technology teams. 

Velocimetrics’ innovative technology will continuously track and assess the real-time status of every single market data tick, order, trade or payment traversing your environment. Delivering uncompromised operational oversight, users are immediately alerted to any changes to the way in which these items are flowing that could indicate emerging performance, financial or operational risk, client experience or regulatory concerns.

The instant a potential issue is detected, all teams involved in the incident’s management can access the real-time, relevant and actionable insight they require to make quick and effective decisions.  Often enabling steps to be taken to avoid the issue entirely, and when this isn’t possible bring the incident to its resolution in a swift and controlled manner, whilst simultaneously quantifying the business and client impact.