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Tradesignal GmbH has been among the leading producers of software for international finance- and energy markets for many years. The core strength of the business lies in the development of software products enabling rule based trading strategies and technical chart analysis. Tradesignal clients are active worldwide in trading establishments such as banks, energy concerns and trading houses.

Tradesignal Chart

Tradesignal Chart, is a rule-based trading and analytic application deeply integrated in Refinitiv Eikon - it features a rich technical analysis toolset and development environment to create and backtest trading strategies and other studies. Users can chart any RIC with multiple chart types and drawing annotations, and overlay some 200 standard indicators and 400 trading strategy modules.

Video: http://training.thomsonreuters.com/videoplayer/videos/2019



Tradesignal, the big brother of Tradesignal Chart, is a standalone desktop product that is fed with data from Eikon and other complimentary data sources (such as Trayport and bespoke databases). In addition to charting and aggregating data feeds, Tradesignal also allows Eikon users to scan entire markets based on any technical criteria or custom indicators and to create, backtest and optimize portfolio level trading strategies.