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smarthouse adesso financial solutions GmbH is a globally active, leading full service provider of online financial applications. The Karlsruhe company combines expertise in consulting, creation and technology – supporting its clients in provider and data management as well as the conception, design, development, refinement and hosting of innovative online solutions.

Banks, online brokers, media portals, investment funds and financial service providers in more than 25 countries rely on Smarthouse's complete online consulting services and solutions for the financial market. smarthouse offers both individual applications and a standardized content management system that is tailored to the capital market and integrated into systems it has developed. In the smarthouse platform's open structure, it is possible to include both the client's own data and applications from third parties in order to provide complex analyse systems and price information for all globally traded securities in real time. Chart applications, real time push servers and performance indicator calculations can also be supplied on the fly.

Thanks to successful solutions like www.finanzen.net, a financial portal that has grown to be its own independent company, smarthouse has become a leading provider, above all in the area of structured products, in recent years.

Its success is based on a competent, perfectly trained and highly qualified workforce that always makes use of the best technologies to creatively implement client projects, and has the highest quality management standards. Since May 2016, adesso Group who is in a leading position among Germany’s top IT service providers has completely taken over Smarthouse.