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RoZetta Technology is a leader in providing market data services for global markets. Its core capability lies in the delivery of Thomson Reuters Tick History - the world largest transactional service by depth and breadth of markets. TRTH is now used by over 450 organisations globally and has the world’s largest bank and hedge funds as clients. 

More recently RoZetta Technology has developed AlphaShapes for Eikon by Thomson Reuters - a unique service that allows analysts to rapidly rank the constituents of major global indices by over 2000 criteria sourced from fundamentals and market data including operational metrics and ratios. AlphaShapes is unique in that it is hosted in Amazon Web Service (AWS) allowing the service to scale and deliver its service with extremely low latency. AlphaShapes ingests its data from the Thomson Reuters Knowledge Direct API and pre-calculates over 100m rankings daily.

RoZetta Technology has a deep knowledge of TR service including TRKD, TRNA, Eikon App Studio SDK, DSE, DSS.... and has years of experience ingesting, transforming and analyzing vast quantities of market data in near real-time.