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Founded in 2003, PERENITY Software is a developer, integrator of financial software. It provides innovative, efficient and flexible solutions for financial operators: banking industry, trading institutions, custodians, fund managers, brokers, insurance companies, pension funds ….

Modular, open and scalable, MANAR™ adapts completely to customer needs. It offers fully integrated solutions covering all business processes: front office, middle office, risk management, decision making support, performance analysis, regulation, back office, accounting, and liability management. The modules can be operated in standalone mode or real time integrated mode.

The PERENITY Software team consists of consultants, developers and versatile business experts highly qualified, rich of strong listening skills and responsiveness. These skills guarantee the success of our projects and provide quality support to maintain and develop customer implementations. 

Our main objective is our customers’ satisfaction. PERENITY Software maintains a thorough understanding and proactive customer needs. It has a leading position in the domestic market and is continually growing in the international market.