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For any business function, like trading, that has the need to subscribe to, share or publish data to any internal or external destination, MDX offers a highly flexible end to end data distribution platform that gets your data, to where you want it, on time, every time!

The MDX platform facilities data Connectivity, Collaboration, Contribution, Capture, Calculation and Conversion or a combination off the above with other adaptations to be announced.

Unlike many legacy data distribution platforms, MDX is rapidly deployable, on premises or in the cloud, minimising the total cost of ownership and maximising the value of your data.

Our proven solutions, developed by the industry’s leading experts in this field, are already in use within some of the world’s premier trading institutions. They are recognised as being one of the most robust and reliable data distribution systems on the market today. MDX Technology is privately owned and headquartered in London, with sales and customer support representation in all the major financial centres, either directly or via a trusted international partner network.