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financial.com Is A Leading Provider Of Customized Web-Based Financial Information And Trading Systems.


Our goal is to be the major customization partner for web application clients of Refinitiv.

Custom work is costly – we achieve scale with a modular approach providing high reusability of each component.


We customize the products to the specific workflow and CI requirements of the clients.

The products should fascinate retail clients and either increase their trading volume (self-directed) or strengthen their confidence in the professional advice of our bank customers.

The products should be available anywhere, anytime and on any device.

We use modern web technologies such as Javascript, CSS, HTML5 and Java.


We want to build long-term partnerships with customers and succeed when they succeed.

Working for leading institutions gives us critical feedback – allowing us to build and maintain cutting-edge products – for the benefit of all customers.

We operate our business through the worldwide sales network of Refinitiv.