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DIGITEC GmbH is a well-established and industry-leading developer and distributor of software serving the financial technology and business integration markets.

Our core products in Financial Technology provide pricing, dealing and settlement systems in FX-/MM trading and investment. Our software products and client services are unique and of highest functional and reliable performance as a result of our long-term expertise and in-depth partnership with our clients in the financial services and data industries.

Our core competency in Business Integration is the simple and effective improvement of communications and business flow processes. Based on browser-supported and web-based application stacks consisting of open-source and firm-internally developed components, we provide flexible and scalable solutions for our business clients in all industry sectors.

Agile methods and modern testing tools are applied in our client solutions. While our software is Java-based, Scala (scalable language) is also used for performance and parallel or multiple processing enhancements.

Digitec employs all of its Software Developers and also has experienced and well-trained staff in Marketing, Client and Product Advisory and ongoing Client Support. We understand that our client’s success and experience counts and we are a proven and reliable “one-stop” solution and service provider.