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CMA is a market leading provider of systems solutions to companies operating in financial markets. These systems are based on best-of-breed infrastructure products from leading vendors and software application products based on industry standards. Most of the application packages implemented by CMA are also designed and developed by the company, and are based on PIE®, CMA’s own solution for EAI (Enterprise Application Integration). PIE is a comprehensive and cost effective platform for use by business people. It offers unparalleled interoperability between diverse computer systems and real-time and mission-critical applications by linking business processes. The use of PIE for integration and software development enables the reduction of costs and creates new revenue opportunities through faster and more effective application software development and customization. CMA products include:

Tools for applications integration and development

Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) systems for central banks

Bulk Clearing and Settlement Systems (BCSS) for central banks

Integrated platforms for payment STP (Straight Through Processing), for commercial banks who participate to national payment systems

Automated trading systems for exchanges, investors and brokers, including trader workplace systems for remote on-line trading and access to real-time market information

Clearing, Depository and Settlement (CDS) applications for nationwide financial applications

CMA Small Systems is represented with offices in Sweden, France, Canada, and Russia. Market activities focus on Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Middle East. Company head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden.