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Workspace SDK is an end-to-end financial application development kit that allows you to design a GUI, power it using our market data, and integrate the logic into your workflow.

Use cases

Workspace SDK can be used to:

  • build financial apps
    • natively in Workspace
    • outside of Workspace
  • design web applications
    • powered by Refinitiv data
    • and integrate them with other apps


Platform detection layer

This layer contains a cross-platform façade which standardizes the SDK interfaces for Workspace web and desktop.


Some of these libraries can be used as a standalone component, without installing the full SDK (see additional information section for links).

Refinitiv Element Framework Library provides developers with access to the open-source UI components, as well as the Workspace Widgets. 

Refinitiv Workflow Library provides users with integration capabilities like multi-context linking and navigation.

Refinitiv Data Library exposes various data APIs and service endpoints that are delivered through the RDP. As more APIs become available in future versions of RDP, they will be added to this library.  

Note that data obtained through the Refinitv Data Library is subject to licensing and redistribution limitations, according to your subscription. For further information, check the RDP documentation or contact your account manager.

Additional Information

System requirements

Browser support

Latest versions of Chrome, Edge Chromium, and Safari.

Supported platforms

Workspace Web and Desktop (v 1.18 or higher) are supported.

For information regarding the system requirements for Workspace SDK, refer to the corresponding platform requirements.