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Refinitiv Real-Time SDK - Java

EMA Consumer - Introduction

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Last update Dec 2020
Environment Windows, Linux
Compilers JDK 1.7 or greater
Prerequisite Quick Start Guide


These series of tutorials aim to show developers who are new to OMM and EMA how the API can be used to consume RDM (Refinitiv Domain Models) data from a Refinitiv Market Data System. Referred to as a Consumer, one of the most common usages of the API is the ability to request for market data items and capture and process the real-time responses. EMA was designed as an ease-of-use API providing rapid development with minimal lines of code.

The implementation is presented as a series of steps starting with a barebones EMA application and finishing with examples demonstrating the retrieval of both level 1 (Market Price) and level 2 (Market By Price, Market By Order) content. Each step is presented as a separate compilable project and builds on the code of the previous step. The downloadable source code includes the complete series, packaged with both build and run scripts, that presents the basic set of instructions to complete the task. Along with the complete written instructions for each tutorial, all source code is commented and simplified to easily tune the behavior to suit the developer's environment and testing requirements.


These series of tutorials will present the following steps:

  • Creating a barebones EMA consumer application
  • Requesting and displaying MarketPrice data
  • Parsing and Decoding MarketPrice data
  • Requesting, parsing, and decoding Level 2 data


To learn more about EMA please refer to the