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Data Exploration

Data Exploration is an open-data & capabilities environment allowing our LSEG users to easily find, try, build & integrate with Refinitiv data. It provides a digital data-catalog, free to air data-samples ( data sandbox) and access to data-exploration & build/integration tools in form of Jupyter Notebooks (aka Codebook), API Technical documentation & Playground and supporting data-management service APIs such as symbology, entity & data explore endpoints and others.

Platform capabilities and API services will reimagine our customers’ data experience in how they find, try, buy, build, and collaborate with Refinitiv data.

Building further on our experience & customer feedback from the data exploration tool prototype Refinitiv is launching new feed services & UI tools to accelerate data-discovery, access & exploration enabling multiple workflows for data-scientists, quant research & developers and customers digital transformation.

Three main components of Data Exploration :

Data Exploration Catalogue

Search & browse for all Refinitiv datasets including descriptions, geo and historical coverage and product + delivery mechanisms. Advanced searching for data-fields mapped to datasets & commercial RDP products. Data Exploration Catalogue is available to the users via Data Discovery Tool (UI), RDP Search "Explore" API and Data Exploration Catalogue Bulk feed

Data Sandbox

Access a pre-configured data-sandbox. Free sample data-access provided for RDP data-services (APIs & Bulk) via codebook and/or API-Playground. Review available API endpoints, API samples, swagger and reference user-guides provided in the API-Playground environment, develop code for your own use cases and interact with RDP APIs


CodeBook provides Refinitiv customers with a cloud-based Jupyter environment for Python scripting, supporting data discovery & workflow applications. This solution will deliver a new experience for our clients to consume & interact with our data through by combining platform services and APIs in a single interface. Code Book requires no installation and is designed for rapid development and deployment of Python models, apps and analytics making our Refinitiv Data Platform truly open.

Customer Benefits

  1. Discover and access data faster with tools to sample data, enhanced by advanced searching for data (coarse & granular) & faster coverage checks.
  2. Leverage self-served discovery & sign-up to content & services.
  3. Map entities & entity universes to Refinitiv’s information model vs. Industry recognized identifiers, including CUSIPs, ISINs and SEDOLs.
  4. Use Jupyter notebooks to access data and leverage python coding for content interaction.

"RDP data exploration is being launched as a pilot program and not available for wider subscription yet. However, if you are interested in getting access to provide feedback on improving the experience, please submit support request here."

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