Side-by-Side Comparison of Packages and Deployment Options

Refinitiv Intelligent Tagging: Flexible Deployment Options

We offer a range of deployment options so that you can access Intelligent Tagging in the manner best suited to your business needs, with agility, as your business needs evolve.

An overview of the available Intelligent Tagging packages and deployment options;



Free Open Calais



Intelligent Tagging



Intelligent Tagging

On Premise

Package Type (Free or Premium)




Deployment Option (Hosted or Deployed)

Hosted (SaaS)

Hosted (SaaS)

Deployed On Premise

Maximum Document Size

HTML – 100KB

XML – 100KB

Raw text –100KB

PDF – Not supported

HTML – 500KB

XML – 500KB

Raw text – 500KB

PDF – 500KB


XML – 1.5MB

Raw text – 1.5MB

PDF – 45MB

Submissions per day*

Up to 500

Up to Millions

Server-based capacity
(up to millions)

Extensive Set of Semantic Metadata Tags

Fact & Event Tagging

Ticker (Company extraction based on a ticker mention in the text)**


RIC (Company extraction based on a RIC mention in the text.)

Financial Deals (Mergers and Acquisitions)**


Company Hierarchy**


Currency and Currency Pair extraction**


TRBC Industry Mapping**


Pharmaceutical Drugs**


RCS Classification Topics** ***


Slugline Tagging**


Supports tagging non-English languages: Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish

IPTC Classification Topics

Social Tags

Supports Optimized Tagging of Research Documents


Supports Processing PDF Files


24x7 production support, and architecture product guidance



**Premium metadata types.

*** The Intelligent Tagging classification engine supports over 1,400 RCS (Refinitiv Classification Services) taxonomy topics. Intelligent Tagging assigns topics to your documents using machine learning classifiers trained by dedicated Refinitiv analysts, and optimized for News and Research content. Topics are varied and detailed, and cover a wide range of subjects such as financial markets (equity, fixed income, funds), geographical entities, industries, financial events, economic topics and more.