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Knowledge Graph Feed API (POC)

Graph Feed and Data Exploration Tool

Data Exploration Tool (formerly known as Data Science Accelerator (DSA)) is a collection of free-to-use of Refinitiv data sets, services, documentation and Jupyter notebooks to help Data Scientists during their early-stage idea generation and testing. It's been designed for anyone who works with data feeds including quants, data scientists and developers.

The Data Exploration Tool contains sample data sets available for free. These are not to be used in production. Full size, production-grade data sets are available or may already be available to your organization. Please contact support.datascienceaccelerator@refinitiv.com.

In Users, you can see which of your colleagues have access to the Data Exploration Tool. Administrators can Add and Delete colleagues’ access. They can also change user roles e.g promote from User to Administrator. Those with User status can simply see which of their colleagues have access.

Each organization is allocated a 90 day evaluation period. The time until an organization’s access is revoked is displayed at the top of the page. 

To access DET please follow this link https://dsa.labs.refinitiv.com/ and click "request the access".

You also need the Refinitiv ID username and password. If you don’t already have a Refinitiv ID account, you can create one here.