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Knowledge Graph Feed API (POC)

Refinitiv Knowledge Graph feed is currently only available in our Data Exploration Tool.

Knowledge Graph is a linked data set of the Refinitiv financial content. It contains more than 2 billion relationships and data structures:

  •          Objects such as organizations, people, financial instruments and value chains.
  •          A pre-identified set of relationships between those objects.

Knowledge Graph data is constantly refreshed as new entities and relationships are discovered.

Knowledge Graph data is accessible via an API for delivery to your hosted or cloud-based infrastructures. The content set can be retrieved using the API, as a bulk file to initially set up your system, and also as incremental files that use a resumption token to deliver information that was updated since the last query.

Thanks to the Knowledge Graph you can organize, represent and link complex and diverse data types, helping you to uncover previously undetected connections within and across your own data sets.

With the Knowledge Graph, you have the ability to incorporate Refinitiv content as part of your bigger Institutional knowledge graph – connecting your data world to Refinitiv data and 3rd party data.

Graphs can also be easily connected to other graphs as long as the graph databases share some common standards – typically around how entities (like people or companies) and relationships are represented.

Used in conjunction with Refinitiv Intelligent Tagging, Knowledge Graph serves as a foundation for the wider range of Refinitiv Big Data solutions and is one of the core components of the enterprise content platform.

Currently, the Knowledge Graph contains seven content sets including:

  • Equity instruments and quotes
  • Organizations
  • Supply chain
  • Related companies
  • Officers and Directors
  • Deals
  • A comprehensive range of financial taxonomies and metadata.

Over time, additional content will be added.

Using linked-data principles of the Semantic Web, the Refinitiv Knowledge Graph structured data is delivered and built in accordance with the Resource Descriptive Framework (RDF) and uses the open identifier standard Thomson Reuters Permanent Identifier (PermID).