Extract Endpoint WIll Be Removed From the REST API

As announced in PCN (Product Change Notification) 10132, the Extract endpoint will be removed from the DataScope Select REST API in H2 2019 to encourage more effective use of the API. This change was originally planned for DataScope Select 12.3 (January 2019). The new implementation date, once known, will be provided in an update to this notification.

Currently, the DataScope Select REST API provides two almost identical JSON-based extraction endpoints:

  • /Extractions/ExtractWithNotes, which returns data in uncompressed JSON format in the body of the HTTP response.

This endpoint also returns a notes field with useful information about the extraction, including warning and error messages that you can use to troubleshoot any problems you encounter. If you ever contact support for help with an extraction problem, they will want to see this notes field.

  • /Extractions/Extract, which is identical to ExtractWithNotes except that it does not return notes.

The lack of extraction notes makes this endpoint less useful than ExtractWithNotes, while providing no advantages. Therefore, in order to avoid diverting anyone from using the more helpful ExtractWithNotes endpoint, the Extract endpoint is being removed from the REST API.

 Warning: If you use the Extract endpoint, replace it with ExtractWithNotes before the implementation date (once confirmed).

Note that the two endpoints above are ideal for extraction requests that return a small or moderate amount of data. The REST API also provides an endpoint designed for requests that return a large amount of data: /Extractions/ExtractRaw, which returns data as a raw CSV stream in compressed (gzip) format.