WebSocket API

API Family: Elektron

API Description

*Note: The Elektron WebSocket API supports both deployed TREP and Elektron Real Time in Cloud customers.  You can use it with your installed TREP version 3.2.1 (and above) or via Elektron Real Time in Cloud which lets you consume data from Elektron Data Platform in Amazon Cloud.

This is a direct access WebSocket API that enables easy integration into a multitude of client technology environments such as scripting and web.  This API runs directly on your TREP infrastructure or the Refinitiv platform and presents data in an open (JSON) readable format.

Key features

  • Standards based, WebSocket and JSON
  • Supports data consumption and posting
  • Support all Refinitiv Elektron data models
  • Easy integration into multiple client technology standards e.g. Python, R, .Net etc