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Elektron Transport API

The Elektron Transport API (ETA) is the high performance, low latency, foundation of the Elektron SDK. This API allows applications to achieve the highest throughput, lowest latency, low memory utilization, and low CPU utilization when publishing or consuming content. All OMM content and domain models are available through the Elektron Transport API.

The Transport API is the re-branding of the Ultra Performance API (UPA), which is used by the Enterprise Platform for Real Time and Elektron for the optimal distribution of OMM/RWF data. All interfaces in ETA are the same as their corresponding interfaces in UPA (same name, same parameter sets) and the transport and codec are fully wire compatible.

Elektron Message API

The Elektron Message API is a data-neutral, multi-threaded, ease-of-use API providing access to OMM and RWF data. As part of the Elektron Software Development Kit, or Elektron SDK, the Elektron Message API allows applications to consume and provide OMM data at the message level of the API stack. The message level is set on top of the transport level which is handled by the Elektron Transport API (also known as the UPA).

  • Multiple string types

  • Easy access native RWF 

  • Minimize: LOC, COC, type dissemination, down casting, life cycle management, need to wade through documentation

  • Field search decoding

  • Fluent encoding

  • Rapid startup: 

    • Defaulted admin

    • Defaulted configuration

  • Powerful overrides

  • Full breadth of OMM 

  • Multiple sessions/connections

  • Connection / item recovery

  • Posting / Peer-to-Peer

  • External cache

  • Domain representations

  • Scalable thread pipelining & parallelism 

  • High (not ultra) performance