Elektron Data Platform APIs

API Description

Elektron Data Platform provides simple web based API access to a broad range of content.  The below services are currently available to test (early access) or use (released).  More services will be added soon.  Please contact your account representitive for more details and to request access.

Environmental Social and Governance
  • Universe - List if instruments in the ESG Universe
  • Basic - Basic view of ESG content
  • Scores - All Scores information
  • Measures - All Measures information
Historical Pricing
  • Intra-Day Events
  • Intra-Day and Inter-Day Summaries
Early Access
Instrument Pricing Analytics
  • Canned parameterizable analytics (such as valuations, sensitivities, ...) relevant for the below asset classes
    • Fx Spot, Fx Forwards, FX Swaps, Non Deliverable FX Forwards
    • CDS, Index CDS
    • Interest Rate Swaps (incl. vanilla and In arrear), Overnight Index swaps, Cross Currency Swaps
    • Listed Options (Equity, Indices, Futures, Commodities)
    • FX Options
    • Volatility Surface
Early Access
  • Alerts
  • Headline Search
  • Story Retrieval
  • Alerts
  • Document Retrieval
Streaming Pricing
  • Service Discovery
  • Streaming Market Data
  • Convert - Convert a symbol or list of symbols from a specified input type to a specified output type
  • Lookup - Lookup all symbology information for a symbol or list of symbols
Early Access