The Elektron API Family is a suite of modern and open APIs that aim to simplify development through a strong focus on ease of use and standardised access to a broad set of Refinitiv and proprietary content and services.  The capabilities range from low latency/high performance APIs right through to simple streaming Web APIs.


The Elektron API family consists of

The Elektron SDK

This API stack contains a set of capabilities ranging from low level ‘Transport’ interfaces to very high level content aware stateful interfaces. Everything in the SDK is delivered in a single language specific package, enabling developers to create multi-tier applications using the elements of the SDK most relevant to them.

APIs in the Elektron SDK

  • The Elektron Transport API

This is an open source transport layer API that provides access to Refinitiv Elektron Feeds and Enterprise Platform (TREP). This API provides the highest level of performance, scalability and tune-ability.

  • The Elektron Message API

This is an easy-to-use, high performance open source message layer API. This API adds capabilities on top of the Transport API layer to improve development efficiency (e.g. simplified connection management and data parsing) whilst still providing run-time flexibility and high performance processing of streaming data.

  • The Elektron WebSocket API

This is a direct access Web Socket API that enables easy integration into a multitude of client technology environments such as scripting and web.  This API uses standard frameworks to connect directly with your TREP infrastructure and presents data in an open (JSON) and readable format.

Choose your Elektron Real-Time API

API Use Case Comment Languages


Elektron Transport API

Retrieve and publish real-time financial data. A transport layer API, open source, for the development of high performance and low latency applications.

C, Java

Windows, Linux

Elektron, Elektron Direct Feed, TREP

Elektron Message API

Retrieve and publish real-time financial data. A message layer API, open source, aimed at developers requiring easy access to Elektron capabilities.

C++,  Java

Windows, Linux

Elektron, TREP

Elektron Web Socket API

Retrieve real-time financial data, for web based solutions. A Web Socket API for targetting lightweight web or scripting applicaiton development

JSON Messages over WebSocket

Platform Independent