Eikon APIs

Eikon Data API

The Eikon Data API provide simple access to users who require programmatic access to Eikon data on the desktop. This API is intended for Eikon users.

Side by Side Integration API

The Side by Side Integration API dynamically connects proprietary applications with Eikon to create a seamless workflow across different products on a user’s desktop.

Datastream Web Service

Datastream is the world’s leading time series database, with histories back to the 1950’s.

COM APIs for use in Microsoft Office

"Thomson Reuters Eikon - Microsoft Office" includes various COM APIs giving the developer access to the rich content available in Thomson Reuters Eikon.  The APIs facilitate the programmatic functionality of all "Thomson Reuters Eikon - Microsoft Office" functions, namely real-time and time series data retrieval, fundamental data retrieval, search capability (for instruments or instrument lists based on search criteria), Adfin financial calculations and Adfin financial objects.

COM APIs for use in custom applications

Eikon Desktop Data API enables developers to write custom applications utilizing Eikon COM APIs within standalone applications. Custom applications are applications running in a process other than the Eikon for Microsoft Office, such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. These custom applications have to be run on a computer with Eikon installed. 

.NET APIs for use in custom applications

These APIs provide capabilities to retrieve real-time data, historical price timeseries and to perform symbology conversion (e.g. to convert RIC to ISIN or vice versa).