World-Check One API

To access the documentation for Customer & Third Party Risk APIs, you should be registered for the Developer Community and be subscribed to a Refinitiv Screening solution or sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. To access an API key for development purposes, please speak to your Account Manager or contact our Sales Specialists (see "New customers" below).

World-Check One, Screening Online, Screening Deployed, Enhanced Due Dilligence APIs

1. New Customers

If you are not already a Refinitiv customer for Risk Screening Solutions, please go to this page or click here to see phone numbers for our Sales Specialists.

2. Existing Refinitiv customers

If you are an existing Refinitiv Screening customer or have signed an NDA, please register yourself for the Developer Community by clicking the link in the top right and then click here to request full access to the documentation. To find out about subscribing to the actual Customer & Third Party Risk API, please contact your Account Manager.

3. Refinitiv Employees

If you are Refinitiv employee, please click on "Login" and use your SAFE details to access the Developer Community.