Screening Online API

Quick Start Purpose

Lastupdate June 2016
Environment Any
Language SOAP XML
Compilers None
Prerequisites Screening Online API credentials, internet access
Source code Below


The purpose of this Quick Start is to get a simple Screening Online SOAP API example to run and understand how to use it.

This example demonstrates usage of two of the given web services at a high level, without requiring any coding; it is thus ideal to help you understand the API and its use here.

This example is therefore very useful to all programmers and is not limited to any specific programming language.



Screening Online API requires an internet connection to send requests to the Screening Online server located at Thomson Reuters site.

The following are details required to validate this requests:

Username Screening Online Api username. This should be in th email address format.
Password Your password to Screening Online API.
User ID ID of the user. Assigment of cases is based on this name. This should be in cnu_so_? format.
Group Name Name of group that the User ID is a member.
Group ID The ID of the group. This should be in cng_so_? format.

Those credentials will allow you to login to Screening Online platform using address

If you do not receive the login details, please contact our sales team

To test the Screening Online API you also need SOAP client i.e. SoapUI.


Security Header

Security header is required every time you send the request to Screening Online server.

It is the username and password provided to you by Thomson Reuters. Please replace ##USERNAME## and ##PASSWORD## in following template with your credentials.


	<wsse:Security xmlns:wsse="">
		<wsse:UsernameToken wsu:Id="UsernameToken-19" xmlns:wsu="">
			<wsse:Password Type="">##PASSWORD##</wsse:Password>