Screening Online API

API Description

Screening Online (SOL) API provides organizations with the potential to improve business agility, integration, productivity and scalability by leveraging the benefits of the Thomson Reuters’ World Check Database and associated matching engine alongside the capabilities and functions of Screening Online.

Overview of Technical Implementation

SOL API offers a way to develop open application interfaces that seamlessly integrate with third-party IT systems. By implementing internet standards such as SOAP/WSDL and XML messaging over secure HTTPs protocol. Thomson Reuters customers are able to easily integrate Thomson Reuters’ Name Screening solutions into their own sub systems such as: Account Opening Systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, Intranet Applications and Enterprise Information Portals (EIP).

SOL API is used to interrogate the data held within the Thomson Reuters Screening services. This enables you to consume the matching capability and subsequent result data directly with 3rd party or in-house applications to provide full screening functionality. This negates the need for business users to use a separate service or tool to undertake client screening.


The SOL API service provides the following functionality; please note that you need additional permissions to perform some of the functions.

  1. Screen a single client name
  2. Screen batches of names (additional permissions required)
  3. Save a name or names for ongoing screening 
  4. View match and audit history for all names screened 
  5. View new matches generated from automated overnight screening (additional permissions required)
  6. View full match record details for each match 
  7. Assign names for escalation or referral purposes
  8. Manage users (additional permissions required)


An example deployment below for screening of a single name from a CRM system.

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