Screening Deployed API

API Description

Screening Deployed provides an integrated Screening API to create an effective screening process to automate risk screening for the client internal customer on-boarding solution. The Screening Deployed (SD) API is enabled via product licensing. 

Screening Deployed implements REST (Representational State Transfer) with WEB services bound to HTTP and exposes the Screening API as the channel to transfer data through wire-protocol – the default installation has WEB services enabled for ancillary application features (see diagram below) such as single or multiple search queries, secondary identify match scoring to name a few.

Screening API utilizes a powerful linguistic matching engine integrated with Screening Deployed and provides name matching service for 2.9 million World-check entity names supporting native language.


Screening API provides simple integration using industry standard deployed WEB services. The client internal screening solution connects to the SD Screening API via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and maps the XML schema definition file provided by Thomson Reuters Professional Services. 

Data is exchanged between the client internal screening application and the Screening API WEB services using XML request/response message exchange. 

Entity name submit-query for Individual, organization or maritime vessel (with or without Secondary Identifiers) is sent through to the Screening API to be matched against the World-check entity database. Screening API then responds with the results in the XML format.

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