Customer and Third-Party Screening


Use your own application to screen your customers, partners and third parties using these APIs.


The APIs in this family allow you to screen your customer, partners and third parties against World-Check data, internal Watch lists and to recieve Enhanced Due Diligence reports directly into your own applications.

There are three APIs in this family:

  • World-Check One API allows you to send your names to the hosted World-Check One system where it is matched against the names in the World-Check database using the latest matching technology. Cases are then resolved using the Native World-Check One user interface. The names can be stored for on-going screening.
  • Screening Deployed API works together with a the locally installed Screening Deployed system using the same matching technology as World-Check One. It allows you to send names for single name check or on-going screening. Cases are then resolved using the Native Screening Deployed user interface.The information about the matches and the audit trail will be accesible using the Screening Deployed user interfaces.
  • Screening On-line API also allows screening against World-Check data in the Screening Online system. This API allows you to also resolve the cases within your system, send the updates to the matches to Screening Online and allows you to retrieve the audit trail.


A general introduction to risks linked to customers and third parties are given in this video :


More information on the World-Check data is given in this video:



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