Reuters Investor Briefs/Significant Developments


Reuters Investor Briefs/Significant Developments is a news analysis and filtering service that simplifies your workflow by providing concise summaries and categorizations of crucial, market-moving company events on a near real-time basis. We help you to navigate through superfluous news, keep abreast of specific subject matter, monitor companies and apply historical data for trend analysis and back-testing. Customized reports can easily be created for a portfolio of companies, regions, industries and news topics, while intelligent tagging of developments and deep histories make Significant Developments a powerful addition to quantitative models. (also known as SigDev)

Features and Benefits

Intelligent Alerting: IM professionals can easily create and monitor customized alerts for the companies and events that matter to them while automatically filtering out what they don’t need to know. For example, an alert can be created that flags ‘litigation’ and certain ‘business deal’ events for companies in portfolio.

Market & Industry Views: Users can view events from a geographic or industry perspective. This allows a top-down analyst to take action based on an economists’ forecast by conducting specific market/industry research that includes both current and historical views of significant corporate events.

Deep History: Deep and consistent histories allow users to see historical trends that may provide clues on future performance, or help investment decision making by looking at the historical impact of certain significant corporate events.

Compare Guidance with Estimates: With over 3,000 new pre-announcements added every earnings season, clients can compare company guidance against the ‘market view’ contained in our world-class Estimates database. Guidance history from 2002 allows accurate back-testing and historical analysis.

Time Management: Investors can instantly catch up on recent news affecting their portfolios in the same amount of time required to read one press release.

Industry & Market Views: Events can easily be classified and analyzed by market or industry, helping deal makers indentify and focus-in on potentially lucrative markets or businesses for new deal ideas.

Beyond the Numbers: Integrate qualitative events information into quantitative models to pinpoint information that may influence stock-picking decisions and also help identify correlations between news events, fundamental data and price movements.

Time Series: Significant Developments comes with deep and consistent history in which all events are tagged with the date/time of announcement. This tagging allows our clients to evaluate the event’s impact at a precise point in time in order to predict what may happen in similar future situations, and act accordingly.

Additional Content Info

Content Coverage and Value Additon

The Content

  • It covers 99% of global market capitalization, in line with Thomson Reuters Fundamentals, to ensure that we can meet our clients’ current and future coverage needs regardless of their location or investment focus.
  • Use our history to identify company reporting trends that may forewarn of good or bad news, helping to make informed decisions on portfolio holdings. Add historical Estimates revision analysis into the equation for even stronger insight.
  • Minimize the risk of missing critical news with 36 topics covering everything from company guidance to new deals and officer changes, with additional topics in the pipeline.
  • Use field level Significant Developments information to perform in-depth research on specific topics like mergers, officer changes, products, etc.

Value add

Our dedicated staffs collect Significant Developments from sites in every region around the world. Their local market expertise, knowledge of filings standards and translation capabilities result in a superior and consistent offering, which we standardize in English.


We have compiled over 2 million developments since the year 2000 and are growing at a rate of 5,000 per week. History in the US starts in 2000, in the UK and Canada from 2002 and from 2005 in all other markets.


We currently cover over 57,000 active companies, including the constituents of all major indices. Our coverage includes frontier/emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Timeliness & Quality

We capture summaries within 30 minutes for companies in G7 markets and within 2 hours for G24 markets, but often exceed these targets with news as it hits the wires. Our collection teams are held to the highest standards of accuracy and completeness, which we enforce through automated checks, daily reviews and regular data audits.

Number of Sources

We are able to ensure that all major company news is captured through hundreds of news sources, including the Reuters journalist network, which are on the ground locally in all markets.

Product Delivery

Thomson Reuters Knowledge Direct

Knowledge Direct API uses industry standard protocols (SOAP and XML) to
deliver Thomson Reuters content for inclusion within internal or external
client applications. Using XML request/response, clients can access a
comprehensive offering of company and economic Data (fundamentals, estimates,
significant developments, etc.), market data, news and quotes and the
associated capabilities, including charts, search and timeseries.

Zip ArchiveFTPEvent-Based

Significant Developments Datafeed

Standard Feed provides concise summaries of company-reported, potentially
market-moving events.


Thomson Reuters Eikon

Thomson Reuters Eikon delivers a powerful combination of information,
analytics and exclusive news on financial markets – delivered in an elegant
and intuitive desktop and mobile interface.

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Thomson One

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