Private Company Profiles and Financials


Company profiles and financial statements are maintained for a comprehensive range of the private companies. The coverage universe is driven by factors including company revenues, number of employees, the existence of venture capital investment, the existence of capital markets activity such as bonds or loans, and other organizations that are expected to be of interest to the Thomson Reuters Financial and Risk client base. Data collected includes descriptive and financial information on private companies as well as private equity firms, funds and their portfolio companies, with data items such as company name, address, industry, description, URL, revenues, financial statements, number of employees and key executives.

Features and Benefits

The private company profile universe exceeds 5.7 million organizations

Detailed financial statements are available for 478,000 companies (616K including not actively managed universe) while an additional 2.1 million have a Revenue and Total Employee figure.

Within the universe, 950,000 companies have M&A transaction information, 27,000 have public debt information and 110,000 have details of Private Equity / Venture Capital investments.

Detailed business descriptions are available for 2.5 million companies.

Officers and Directors are available for 500,000 companies.

Additional Content Info

User workflows

Investment Bankers and Private Equity Professionals: Investigate acquisition targets, divestiture opportunities, alliance partners and financing activities. Create valuation reports for peers/comparable companies. Perform due diligence. Research a company and identify who to contact and how to approach. Identify list of companies that meet prescribed criteria utilizing screening tools.

Corporations: Research competitors, suppliers, peers and more. Identify acquisition or partnership opportunities. Conduct general market trend analysis and benchmarking.

Investment Managers: Seek and find alternative investment strategies. Research pre-IPO companies for possible investments.

Content Collected

Data items include: Business Description, Other Names (Aka, formerly, doing business as), Address & Contact Details, Incorporation Details (Country & Date), Corporate Structure, Officers & Directors, Related Companies, Industry Classification, Web Link, Financial Statements, Revenues & Employee Numbers, Private Equity & Venture Capital Investments, Deals and M&A Information, Debt Structure & Maturity, Company Filings, Company Ratings (If applicable)

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