I/B/E/S Estimates


Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S Estimates is the industry standard and highest quality source for analyst detail, company level consensus, macro level aggregates data and comparable guidance. It provides the broadest global view of sell side analyst estimates for a company's future quarterly and annual financial performance. A collection of detail and consensus estimates for 60+ company level measures including EPS, Net Income and Sales as well as 120+ Industry specific measures. Real-time and historical estimates collected from hundreds of brokers for thousands of companies providing our clients with and insight into a company performance.

Features and Benefits

Macro-Level Views - I/B/E/S Global Aggregates, with over 20 years of history, facilitates top-down analysis in order to better assess potential growth and risk as well as future value across industry, sector, index, country and region.

900 contributors, across 100 developed and emerging markets, totaling over 13,000 individual analysts – the most in the industry.

Key Performance Indicators incorporate deep, industry-specific operating metrics, or Key Performance Indicators, into your analysis. KPIs include items such as Same Store Sales for retailers and restaurants, and are available for over 11 industries, across 120 granular metrics.

StarMine SmartEstimates® are proven to be a more accurate predictor of future earnings surprises than traditional mean estimates. The patented model is simple but effective – overweight those analysts with strong track records for that company and overweight more recent contributions.

Restated Actuals give true year-over-year comparability for companies which restate results

Jump-to Research links the detailed estimate directly back to the source document – simplifying client workflow and adding transparency

Comparable Guidance compares the company’s own view on its future performance against the market view.

Additional Content Info

Global Coverage

900 contributors, across 100 developed and emerging markets, totaling over 13,000 individual analysts – the most in the industry. We maintain close relationships with our sell-side contributors who must pass a rigorous screening process before we accept their research. Coverage that includes 99% of MSCI Asia, 98% of MSCI World and 100% of S&P500, giving us a coverage total of over 22,000 active companies (+ 20,000 inactive) across over 87 countries

Depth and History

Our history which dates back to 1976 for the US, 1985 for Canada, 1987 for other EMEA & Asia Pacific markets, and 1992 for Latin America, allows our clients to analyze and understand companies’ expected vs. actual performance over many business cycles as well as conduct thorough historical analysis, including backtesting investment strategies across decades of past market conditions

Timeliness and Quality

Over 40+ years of collection experience results in the highest quality data with time-tested methodologies and quality control.

Comparable Guidance

Comparable Guidance compares the company’s own view on its future performance against the market view. Available across 14 measures with history starting in 1994. Users can access company expectations from historical and current company disclosures for a complete picture of a company’s financial viability as well as a complete record of guidance revisions for a company. It will allow users to drill down from guidance figures to full quotes and company guidance in the original source document.

Product Delivery

Thomson Reuters Eikon

Thomson Reuters Eikon delivers a powerful combination of information,
analytics and exclusive news on financial markets – delivered in an elegant
and intuitive desktop and mobile interface.


Thomson Reuters Datastream

One single solution where top down macro research meets bottom up analysis
for greater insights and profits. Datastream Provides robust analytics tools,
intuitive charting application as well as seamless MS®Office integration.

HTMLDesktopDaily, Real-Time

Thomson ONE

Thomson ONE delivers a broad and deep range of financial content, all within
a workspace that's geared to your needs and workflow.

HTMLDesktop15-Minute, Event-Based

Thomson Reuters QA Direct

A deployed data management solution, QA Direct provides seamless access to
raw quantitative analytics content via Microsoft SQL or Oracle. Coverage
includes global equity, equity index, fixed income and CDS pricing, as well
as index constituents, fundamentals, estimates, ownership, economics and risk


Thomson Reuters Datascope

Thomson Reuters Datascope is a strategic custom delivery platform that
supports a full cross-asset offering for pricing, reference data, and derived
analytics. Covering all major asset classes, including fixed income,
equities, futures and options, money, funds, loans, CDS/IRS and OTC equity
options, as well as corporate actions data, estimates, entity data and news,
DataScope Select provides flexible extraction capabilities, including file
customization, scheduling and trigger options, intraday snaps and third-party
entitlements. Cross-platform support is available for data retrieval and
includes a zero-footprint web interface, FTP connection (internet or private
network (BT Radianz (MPLS) or Delivery Direct) and API internet client
server. Fee-liable, subject to terms and conditions.


Thomson Reuters Knowledge Direct

Knowledge Direct API uses industry standard protocols (SOAP and XML) to
deliver Thomson Reuters content for inclusion within internal or external
client applications. Using XML request/response, clients can access a
comprehensive offering of company and economic Data (fundamentals, estimates,
significant developments, etc.), market data, news and quotes and the
associated capabilities, including charts, search and timeseries.


Thomson Reuters On Demand

TR On Demand delivers custom research, reports, and analytics to meet all of
your financial data needs. We get you what you want, when you want it. Our
global team of analysts operates 24/5 and typically fulfills your requests
within a few hours. We specialize in ownership, deals & private equity,
filings, fundamentals, estimates, analyst research, transcripts and pricing,
with more to come in the future.

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