Exchange Traded Funds


At Thomson Reuters, we’ve built out our content and capabilities in the Exchange Traded Fund space since their inception in the early 1990’s. This has been accomplished by leveraging the well respected Lipper brand to source data directly from fund management companies and their associates, with which excellent working relationships have been established. When combined with Thomson Reuters market leading pricing and reference data, it makes our Exchange Traded Fund offering a compelling proposition for both buy side and sell side financial institutions.

With assets invested in ETFs/ETPs globally reaching close to U.S$3 trillion by December 2015 and record inflows to this asset type in 2015, the ability to access accurate and timely data has never been so important for consumers within the financial community.

Features and Benefits

Timely and accurate price & performance data, including NAV’s, bids, offers, total net assets, dividends, fees and expenses.

Broad profile information by the encompassing benchmark indices tracked ETF, Lipper global classifications, Lipper Leaders ratings and full portfolio holdings coverage across 38 markets.

Market leading global real time and time series reference data across more than 350 exchange-traded and OTC markets. This offers clients exposure to real time market prices for ETFs, iNAVs, Bid/Asks, Bid/Ask spreads, traded volumes and Premium/Discount values.

Daily Exchange Traded Fund creation, redemption and tracking basket data sourced from Delta One, a specialist provider of high quality, timely and accurate multi asset class, global Exchange Traded Fund data.

Thomson Reuters offers the financial community access to the scale of it's broad pan content and product capabilities all from a single supplier.

Additional Content Info

About Thomson Reuters ETF Coverage

An ETF is a security that tracks an index, a commodity or a basket of assets like an index fund, but trades like a stock on an exchange. ETFs experience price changes throughout the day as they are bought and sold. ETFs are typically open-ended, index-based funds, with active ETFs accounting for less than 1% market share. They can be bought and sold like ordinary shares on a stock exchange and offer broad exposure across developed, emerging and frontier markets, equities, fixed income and commodities. ETFs are used widely by institutional investors and increasingly by financial advisors and retail investors.

Coverage by Asset Type

Asset Type Number of ETFs
Alternatives 207
Bonds 921
Commodities 633
Equities 3,775
Mixed Assets 59
Money Markets 55
Others 379
Total 6,209

Full Holdings Coverage

Asset Type Full Holdings % Coverage of Asset Type
Alternatives 152 73%
Bonds 680 74%
Commodities 147 23%
Equities 2,800 74%
Mixed Assets 46 78%
Money Market 13 24%
Other 108 29%
Total 3,946

Product Delivery

Thomson Reuters Eikon

Thomson Reuters Eikon delivers a powerful combination of information,
analytics and exclusive news on financial markets – delivered in an elegant
and intuitive desktop and mobile interface.

HTMLWebsite, Desktop, Excel15-Minute, Daily, Real-Time, Bimonthly

Thomson Reuters Datascope

Thomson Reuters Datascope is a strategic custom delivery platform that
supports a full cross-asset offering for pricing, reference data, and derived
analytics. Covering all major asset classes, including fixed income,
equities, futures and options, money, funds, loans, CDS/IRS and OTC equity
options, as well as corporate actions data, estimates, entity data and news,
DataScope Select provides flexible extraction capabilities, including file
customization, scheduling and trigger options, intraday snaps and third-party
entitlements. Cross-platform support is available for data retrieval and
includes a zero-footprint web interface, FTP connection (internet or private
network (BT Radianz (MPLS) or Delivery Direct) and API internet client
server. Fee-liable, subject to terms and conditions.

CSV, HTMLWebsite, DesktopVaries