A collection of global economic content, with a clear emphasis on factors that affect global financial market performance. Macro data, such as national, financial, and external accounts, industrial activity and labor indicators, to micro detail, on housing, energy, automotive, and other industries and key indicators for sub-national areas. This is further supplemented with consumer confidence data; business outlook and PMI's for main operating indicators; and results of surveys on competitiveness, entrepreneurship, and doing business.

Features and Benefits

Select for analysis from 6.9 million economic time series on macro and microeconomic topics, from national sources for timely locally important data and international sources for comparable data. Altogether over 1,000 sources and partners are used.

Access comprehensive history back to 1950’s for G7, 1970’s for developed markets, 1990’s for developing and emerging markets

View standard metadata (units and scale, adjustment status, base period for real and index data), conversion methodology, and source. On Datastream, in the Navigator spotlights, there are also definitions provided for many of the series.

Next Dates of Release are provided for over 300,000 national source series. These static datatypes provide up to 12 future release dates per series. NDOR’s are taken from calendars published by the sources or estimated by Thomson Reuters from past experience. The dates provide the tool for planning around next updates; or for knowing the economic events to be released on a given day.

Links to sources are available for all national source series, from the spotlight on Navigator. Also available for many series are links to the latest data release so clients can read the text that came out with the numbers and/or investigate further.

Ensuring superior quality, with +20 years legacy of meeting strict standards, handling revisions and providing consistent histories, and building knowledge, the content is of the highest quality. Our expert content staff knows the information and sources and follows best practices, ensuring quality data and support. Teams are in the U.K., Poland, the Philippines, China, and the United States for close and timely contact with sources.

Additional Content Info

The Content - Historical

Historical macroeconomic content are available from national sources, from international agencies covering the world, and from European institutes on the EU or OECD members and affiliates. Focused financial collections detail investment, banking, debt, and securities statistics. These comprehensive collections are supplemented by production and consumption industry statistics from trade groups and private companies. Substantial global fundamental information, relevant to commodities and futures, is available from the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Energy. And indicators from business and political surveys on competitiveness, entrepreneurship, and other topics.

Thomson Reuters is committed to gathering data from in-country sources for 160 markets. Altogether over 1,000 national sources are utilized and include: central statistical agency; central bank; ministries of finance and labor; customs department; housing agency; industry trade associations; stock exchange; finance, banking and/or fund associations; and research institutes.

The international sources provide world coverage and include International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Bank for International Settlements, OECD, and others. See attached factsheet for details.

The Content - Forward Looking

The Economics database includes forward looking content that provides forecast values of economic variables or expectations from opinion surveys. Specifically,

Quantitative: Forecast series are supplied by leading authorities - the Economist Intelligence Unit, Consensus Economics, Oxford Economics, IMF, European Commission, and the OECD. These datasets provide short and long-term projections of major economic indicators across the world's economies.

Qualitative: Forward looking content includes proprietary key indicators such as purchasing manager, business, consumer and investor confidence indices from renowned sources ¾ Thomson Reuters Ipsos, Markit, Deutsche Bourse MNI Indicators, Ifo, Consensus Inc. and other companies or research institutions. These data are based on opinion surveys where results are formed into consensus series or diffusion indices.

See attached factsheet for details.

Economics Point in Time

It enables you to view economic data as it was originally reported upon release, then view how it changed over time. This information enables you to more accurately understand the impact economic data has on the market. It supports historical analysis and backtesting needs in order to better understand how likely investment strategy are to succeed. 1,500 Point in Time data of market movers for 46 countries including G20 and euro zone from 160 sources.


The statistics are sourced from national agencies, research institutions and trade associations for local information and country profiles, and from international statistical organizations and renowned private sources for global comparability. Thomson Reuters Economics content is a unique offering with in-depth coverage, consistent data history and critical timeliness; over 6.9 million time series are available covering 215 countries, with for 160 of the markets having data direct from national sources.

The Thomson Reuters International Comparable Economics (TRICE) dataset provides headline series in equivalent statistical form – such that the data are available on same unit, scale, seasonality, and base period across countries. Wherever possible, national sources have been used in this dataset, for the most timely and accurate data.

The entire database is available on the Datastream product and searchable through the Navigator FAST capability. Just over 52,000 series are on Eikon, searchable with ASK.

Real-time data for approximately 1350 market moving indicators are available on the Eikon Economic Monitor.

Point-in-time data is available on Datastream for the key indicators of G20 countries. The collection offers the originally released values and dates, and tracking of revisions to those numbers through time.

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Thomson Reuters Eikon delivers a powerful combination of information,
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Thomson Reuters Datastream

One single solution where top down macro research meets bottom up analysis
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Thomson Reuters On Demand

TR On Demand delivers custom research, reports, and analytics to meet all of
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